The Historical Report

The results of our extensive historical research are written into report that includes an illustrative narrative of all past homeowners, their occupations and employments or business addresses, detailed census research on all occupants, copies of the original building permit and subsequent work permits, discussions of social history, WWI and WWII draft cards, passport files and photographs, biographies of builders and architects, inclusions of historic photographs and past newspaper articles, and historic maps showing changes with the house or building over time. 

One of our more recent genealogical abilities is to attempt to locate living relatives of your first home owners that often own those rare and non-public stories and vintage images taken in your house that remained with relatives and are not availible in any public archive.  We have approximately a 4 out of 9 success rate of locating living relatives of your first homeowner!   

Included in your report is an illustrated narrative of your neighborhood history, as well as information on the development of your specific block, with building dates and history provided for most structures located close by.  A draft pdf version is provided for review prior to the final version being created. 

It is presented in a bound volumne printed on cover stock paper in an attractive bound booklet with an embossed and perforated cover. The text and accompanying pictures and documents are also presented on a CD for adding additional information found in the future, or your own history or renovation plans.  A folder with copies of all pertinent documents and archival finds is also included. 

Our house histories are fully footnoted with all sources, and contains a full bibliography. 

Long after your house history is completed, we will occasionally forward historical information, on a complementary basis, relating to your house, business, neighborhood, street, or on the people responsible for its design that is found in future searches or investigations, up to two years after your report is presented.  A copy of your house history is deposited in local historical respositories for others to enjoy and utilize, unless you prefer otherwise.

Several contemporary digital photographs of your house or business is included within the report, along with a wide variety of historical images that may include your house and neighborhood, along with those historic buildings that are related to your homes former occupants.  Our house histories obviously vary in size, from 20 pages to several dozen.

Sample House Histories

712 East Capitol Street, N.E., Washington, DC (file size 2 mb)

2436 Eutaw Place, Reservoir Hill, Baltimore City (file size 6 mb)

Here's what one client said about their report: “Everything is extraordinarily great. I simply can't believe what you've been able to produce.”

Additional Services

Customized Bronze or Brass Historical Plaques can be commissioned at an additional cost, after the first owner's name or other information is gathered for the historical report.