Do You Know Your House or Building History?

Allow us to research the architects, builders, and owners associated with your house or building over time. Find out when your house was built, how your house has changed, who lived there, and where they worked.


It's a must for renovation, façade easement donations, and tax credit programs; great for conversation and enticing for potential buyers, and is also an unusual gift for the person thathas everything. Photos, maps, and written text are presented at reasonable prices by professional historic preservationists.

Map of DC House Histories Completed to Date

Visit Live Google Map HERE for all our House Histories!

$100 Discount for a new House History!

Thousands of houses and buildings in Washington DC have been researched by Kelsey & Associates. Their location, architect, builder and building date are mapped as research is completed on each building. See if there is one located near you; if we have completed a house history on your block, we offer $100 off our house history!