Scenes from the Past

Kelsey & Associates Principal, Paul K. Williams, has served as a contributing writer on historic preservation and history for the Washington, DC monthly newspaper The InTowner since 1995. In addition, since April of 2001, Williams has contributed a major monthly feature entitled Scenes from the Past which reveals thematic historical stories about the many of the buildings, people, and places in Washington's neighborhoods.

Moving the cast iron Calvert Street Bridge via horses in 1934 August, 2012
Washington's own "Jack the Slasher" - 15 slashings a month from 1893 and 1894! July, 2012
Architect Arthur B. Heaton's own house at 4816 Indian Lane, NW in Spring Valley, DC June, 2012
The Studio of Samuel FB Morse at 2133 R Street, NW May, 2012
History Mystery: Locating the house of Charles Cassily April, 2012
J. Edgar Hoover House in Forest Hills, DC March, 2012
The Artistic Shoe Shop, Carmine Sesso, and 1627 17th Street, NW February, 2012
The Home of Developer John Nolan at 1834 Connecticut Avenue January, 2012
Hummelstown Brownstone Company and its use in Washington, DC December, 2011
Kenesaw Apartment Building at 16th and Irving Streets, NW November, 2011
Martha Codman mantion at 2145 Decatur Place, NW October, 2011
The Octogon House at 1830 Phelps Place, NW September, 2011
Architect Robert Isaac Fleming August, 2011
Thompson's Dairy at 12th and U and V Streets, NW July, 2011
Harvey's Oyster House May, 2011
Denman Mansion at 16th and Corcoran Streets April, 2011
The art deco Manhattan Laundry Building in the 1400 Block of Florida Avenue March, 2011
Historical Images of the Greater U Street Neighborhood Throughout History February, 2011
The Washington Riding Academy at 22nd and P Streets, NW January, 2011
Winter Scenes in Washington, DC throughout History December, 2010
The Rochambeau Apartment Building at 815 Connecticut Avenue, NW November, 2010
George and Phoebe Hearst Mansion at 1400 New Hampshire Avenue, NW October, 2010
Keith Sutherland and the Fair View "Hotel" at 1st Street & Florida Avenue September, 2010
Alexander Graham Bell's Mansion on Connecticut Avenue August, 2010
Washington DC Restaurants in Post Cards July, 2010
Finding the house at 1401 21st Street and Dr. Edward "EC" Carter June, 2010
Tapestry Collector Charles M. Ffoulke and 2013 Massachusetts Avenue May, 2010
The Shephers and Pepper Mansion at Connecticut Avenue and Farragut Square April, 2010
Titanic victim Clarence B. Moore and 1746 Massachusetts Avenue March, 2010
The Mansion at 1611-17 Connecticut Avenue February, 2010
The Anchorage & Moorings bachelor apartment buildings in the 1900 block of Q Street January, 2010
Temple Heights, Treaty Oak, and the history of the Washington Hilton Site on Connecticut Avenue December, 2009
The William Morris Stewart Mansion - Stewart's Castle on Dupont Circle November, 2009
The Whitelaw Hotel at 13th and T Streets October, 2009
The Emory and Yulee Mansions in the 1300 Block of Connecticut Avenue September, 2009
Swimming in the Tidal Basin at Potomac Beach in the 1920s August, 2009
The Mansion at 1601 R Street and the National Association of Colored Womens Clubs July, 2009
The Krazy Kat Club & Speakeasy, Thomas Circle June, 2009
The Addison Scurlock Photographic Studio May, 2009
W.W. Corcoran and the Louise Home April, 2009
Lorin M. Saunders Mansion, Wyoming & Connecticut Avenues March, 2009
Car Dealerships along 14th Street, NW February, 2009
The Vice President's House January, 2009
The Hopkins-Miller Double House, Dupont Circle December, 2008
Helen Churchill Candee Mansion, Titanic Survivor November, 2008
The George S. Fraser mansion, 1701 20th Street, NW October, 2008
General's Row: the 2000 block of G Street, NW September, 2008
African-American Firehouse No. 4, 931 R Street, NW August, 2008
1430 Swann Street, NW, the home of "Swift Eagle" July, 2008
Lincoln Temple Congregational Church, 11th and R Streets, NW June, 2008
The accidental death of druggist Paul Reinlein in 1887 May, 2008
Developer Frances Blundon and his house at 100 W Street, NW April, 2008
Philetus Sawyer mansion at Connecticut Ave. and R Street, NW March, 2008
A Miller Family Love Triangle and the 1944 Murder of Dr. John Lind February, 2008
The Church of the Covenant at 18th and N Streets, 1888 Tower Collapse January, 2008
George Kozel & Fredrick Geyer's German Beer Garden December, 2007
Amzi L. Barber's Columbia Heights mansion 'Belmont' November, 2007
Club Bali at 1901 14th Street October, 2007
The Cairo Apartment Building: Inspiration and Original Interiors September, 2007
1757 Q Street, Bradbury Piano's, and William P. Van Wickle August, 2007
The Lindens, 2401 Kalorama Road, built 1754 July, 2007
Poet Joaquin Miller's Log Cabin in Meridian Hill & Rock Creek Parks June, 2007
Albert S. Gillett House at 1614 20th Street May, 2007
William M. Shuster III, The country of Iran, and 1832 16th Street, NW April, 2007
The Beginnings of the Lanier Heights subdivision March, 2007
Thomas Circle Home of Charles B. Boynton, Howard Univ. 1st Pres. February, 2007
Washington Post, Fairmount School & Watkins Mans. at 1711 MA Ave. January, 2007
Arch. Frank White's Ambassador & St. Mihiel Apt. Bldgs., 16th Street December, 2006
The Winder Building and the Civil War Signal Corps November, 2006
Edson Bradley Mans., Old Crow Whiskey, early TV soap Dark Shadows October, 2006
Judd & Detweilder Printing Plant, today's XM Satellite Radio HQ September, 2006
Zalmon Richards and 1301 Corcoran Street August, 2006
First African New Church, 10th and V Street, NW July, 2006
1514 R Street, Jacob Fussell, and the manufacture of Ice Cream June, 2006
Bancroft Place and architect Waddy Butler Wood May, 2006
16th & U: Paige-Jewett Auto showroom, National Radio Institute, & Pride, Inc. April, 2006
The Italian Embassy at 2700 16th Street, NW March, 2006
The Randolph Apartment Building & architect Joseph Younger February, 2006
The Mayflower Hotel and WWII German Spy George Dash January, 2006
The Envoy Apartment Building, 2400 16th Street December, 2005
Seth Ledyard Phelps and 15 Logan Circle November, 2005
52 O Street & Decca Records October, 2005
The Old Central High School at 7th and O Street, NW September, 2005
Brewer Robert Portner and the Portner Flats Hotel & Apts at 15th and U Streets August, 2005
Brewer Robert Portner and the Portner Flats Hotel & Apartments August, 2005
Eckington Neighborhood Garden Tour, 1906 July, 2005
George P. Robinson Realty Company and 2942 Ordway Street, NW June, 2005
Buffalo (Q Street) Bridge, Dupont Circle May, 2005
The Bizarre & Unusual Will of Robert St. George Dyrenforth April, 2005
The Chastleton Apartment Building, 16th and R Streets March, 2005
Luray Apt. 1320 R St, Mutual Housing Co. & Arthur W. Mitchell February, 2005
Federal, Smith, and Security Storage facilities along U Street January, 2005
Thyson House at 7th and P Street, NW January, 2005
The Hall of the Ancients and the Capitol Garage, 1320 NY Avenue December, 2004
McMillan Reservoir and Slow Sand Filtration Site November, 2004
Orrin G. Staples, the Willard Hotel, and 1825 Columbia Road October, 2004
Stead Park, 1600 Block of P Street, NW September, 2004
Washington's Historic Gamewell Police and Fire Call Boxes August, 2004
Dr. Westanna O. I. Byrum, African American Dentist, 1329 R Street, NW July, 2004
The Arcadia Amusement center, 14th and Park Road, Columbia Heights June, 2004
Wilhelm Schmidt Grocery Store, 18th and S Streets, NW May, 2004
Firenze House, north Cleveland Park, Forest Hills DC April, 2004
Dupont Circle Fountain & Reservation History March, 2004
Lucy Diggs Slowe Hall, Howard University, LeDroit Park February, 2004
Gallaudet University history, 6th and Florida Avenue, NE January, 2004
History of Gunston Hall School at 19th and Florida Ave December, 2003
US Weather Bureau at 24th and M Streets November, 2003
John Burrough's House and Catholic Cemetery along U Street October, 2003
The Hill House, Colombia Heights September, 2003
Fire of Clifton Estate August, 2003
Hahnemann Memorial July, 2003
Dupont Circle: Neglected Neighborhood June, 2003
Schneider Mansion May, 2003
The National Zoo April, 2003
Wardman Park Hotel and Towers March, 2003
2100 Block of R Street, NW in 1887 February, 2003
Thyson House at 7th and P Streets January, 2003
Maret School, Kalorama Triangle December, 2002
Knickerbocker Arena November, 2002
Hay-Adams Hotel October, 2002
Northminster Presbyterian Church September, 2002
Washington Hospital for Foundling August, 2002
Seaton Street July, 2002
Hines Company June, 2002
Privies May, 2002
Griffith Stadium April, 2002
Garfield Hospital on Florida Avenue March, 2002
Children's Hospital of Washington February, 2002
Wylie Mansion/International Inn January, 2002
Anna Julia Cooper December, 2001
Columbia Heights November, 2001
D.C. on Alert October, 2001
Annie Cole House September, 2001
The Bombing of the Mitchell Palmer House at 2132 R Street NW August, 2001
Rock Creek June, 2001
Origins of DuPont Circle May, 2001
Logan Circle Apartment Building April, 2001
Red Scare in D.C.

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